Business Loans, Venture Capital, Cash Flow Financing

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Studies show that a majority of business financing is not placed through the local banks. Instead, most business loans and venture capital transactions are handled by Investment Firms, Private Finance Companies, Sophisticated Investors, and Commercial Lenders – who are not local banks.

There is always a lot of confusion and false expectations in presenting a funding request and attempting to obtain business loans, venture capital, or cash flow financing. Capital acquisition can be a labor intensive, time consuming, and expensive task.

Business finance can be designed to meet the needs of the company’s situation. Discover how a combination of financial instruments can be modified into unique hybrids allowing for flexibility in structuring business loans and venture capital.

Capital acquisition requires a good business plan. Find out what is required in presenting quality documentation.

Due diligence fees can be a deal breaker. Uncover the do’s and don’ts of paying fees.

Third party appraisals and business valuations are an important part of the process. Learn about the experts with specialized knowledge.

Before a transaction can be structured, there are certain elements that must be presented to even attract a funding source.

1. Quality business plans.
2. Detailed use of funds.
3. Supporting documentation.
4. Defensible financial statements.

Discover how these elements are analyzed. Know the insider’s secrets of determining forward movement, and what deficiencies will kill a deal. Learn the details that will excite a funding source.

Acquiring business loans, venture capital, or cash flow financing can be a daunting task. Pinpoint the secrets, tips, and techniques that will assist you along the path of capital acquisition.

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